I'm a song between your lips
Musical theater

Haparanda, Sweden, 2017

Director: Charissa Martinkauppi
Writer: Per Allan Olsson
Music: Erling Frediksson
Set design: Hanna Kanto
Cast: Amateur
Language: Swedish, Finnish, Arabic, Farsi, Sorani

Synopsis: A community theatre project with refugees and local amateur actors which portrays the similarities between political conflict in the contemporary Middle East and 20th century Finland.

Key words: community theatre, Arab Spring, Finnish Civil War, Finnish Winter War, Kurdistan, Middle East, refugees

The complete set of scenic design was a scenery of a place after a bomb explosion. It consisted of plastic rags and trees which were suspended in different highs and levels from battens. At the backdrop, mostly on the floor, were more elements which presented a place after a bomb. In addition to that, set design consisted on the individual scenic elements which were used by the actors during the play. During the play a digital animation were shown on the backdrop. One considerable change on the set design was between the scene one and two when the big plastic curtain was taken up on the front border.

Funding organization: European Union, Region Norrbotten, City of Haparanda, Agriculture Department in Norrbotten, Leader Tornedals 2020, Refugee Aid, Svefi, Vuxenskola, Study Promotion